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Self-Published Canadian Author

DV Wood is happily married and lives in a small town in Ontario, Canada.

She has two adult children and has a total of TEN beautiful grandchildren that keep her very busy.

She enjoys reading (mostly horror & fantasy), karaoke, movies (mostly sci-fi, horror & fantasy), and all different kinds of music.

She began writing in March of 2020 after a thirty-year hiatus. Little did she know that a simple writing exercise would lead her to pen a book series. Previously, she published several poems and one short story but has now completed two full-length fantasy novels!

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No Time Left To Lose

Valeria hated her life.

Three weeks she had been coming home to find the strange envelope in her mailbox with the strange phone number. Three weeks she had ignored it. Three weeks she thought she saw a hooded figure somewhere in her apartment or on the balcony looking at her. Three weeks of unexpected thunderstorms.

But what could it mean?

Basic Storyline:

Three very different people are all experiencing strange and unusual events that eventually draw them into the hidden realm of Myth & Magic. The fate of the world depends on their ability to band together and solve a rather big problem.

Little bit mystery. Little bit romance. Little bit funny. Spiced with strange.

(18+ Mature Content & Language)

One year ago, Valeria's life changed forever. She had been introduced to a hidden world of Magic and Myth. She had finally found her true love and a job that filled her with a sense of purpose. The time loop had been broken, and all she wanted was to live her new, wonderful life in peace with Jayden and her friends.

But now, someone was out to kill her... again.

Join Jayden, Valeria, and Jaxion as they are once again called upon to protect the timeline.

(18+ for Mature Language & Content)

No Time Like The Present